Wednesday, 25 February 2015


Someone asked me the other day if my forms could be from the West, or if they had to be from the East. For me the question is not so much West or East, but only about what I know. I have little schooling in Anglo-European culture. I left school early and had no schooling in my Graeco-Roman heritage. I was always looking outward to other cultures, away from the grey land of my birth, where I had no place, no connection.

I was an outsider to the formal systems that hold most people - family, schooling, university. In my first yoga class at the age of 12 something breathed connection into my body. As a young adult, when everyone else was studying Greek Philosophers and European History, I was studying ancient Indian kingdoms, philosophies and art.

I made many trips to India in my twenties and thirties, to travel, to work, to study. In India I felt alive, I was free, the world touched me. Strange as it seems, I am a stranger still to most of what's around me. Indian culture is the lens through which I see the world.